Pink Diamonds: The Time Is Now

21 March 2018


Time is the force that has created one of nature’s greatest gifts – the dazzling beauty that is a diamond. However, time is also one of the few things that we cannot control – once a moment has passed, it is lost forever. And for those seeking to own a rare pink diamond, time is beginning to run out. The Argyle diamond mine, in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, is due to close in 2021, making these stones – already a rarity – even more scarce. Pink diamonds represent just one percent of the diamonds mined each year and their limited supply, along with their beauty, makes them many times more valuable than white diamonds. The Argyle mine produces 90 per cent of the world’s pink diamonds and once it closes, these rare stones will become even more covetable.


We currently have an exclusive collection of pink diamonds, from the Argyle mine, available for viewing and purchase in our flagship store. These exquisite stones are truly a stunning example of the beauty that nature can create and our collection includes stones of various sizes and shapes. Our award-winning in-house designer will be happy to discuss potential designs with you to create a bespoke piece that perfectly showcases your gem of choice. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase a pink diamond as an investment – in the past decade they have increased in value by 15 per cent annually and are generally valued at 20 to 30 times the price of a white diamond that is the same size, cut and shape. -Argyle pink diamond = 0.41ct 2PP SI2 cushion cut -Pair of Argyle pink diamonds = 0.34ct 6P/6PP VS1/2 round brilliant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.23ct 5P SI1 round brilliant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.32ct 2PP SI1 asscher cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.54ct 4PP P1 round brilliant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.80ct 3PP SI2 radiant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.43ct VS2 emerald cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.26ct 4P SI1 -Argyle pink diamond = 0.23ct 3P I1 round brilliant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.24ct round brilliant cut 3P I1 -Argyle pink diamond = 0.75ct 3P I1 round brilliant cut -Argyle pink diamond = 0.24ct 5P SI2 pear cut -Argyle Pink Viola Ring from David Michael Jewels. Centre stone Argyle Pink Diamond Cert. 0.65ct 6P SI2. Explore the one of a kinds ring here.


The window of opportunity to own one (or more) of these pink diamonds is small, as we only have this exclusive collection for a limited time. Time has done its work and now it is running out. Visit our flagship store or make an appointment for a private viewing to ensure you don’t miss the chance to claim one of nature’s most precious creations. Send us an enquiry and get a quote today