This Year’s Most Stylish Engagement Rings

While a traditional round brilliant-cut diamond will always be a beautiful choice for an engagement ring, other cuts and settings are rising in popularity. Discover the stylish new diamond engagement ring trends for 2021.


A three-stone engagement ring is the new classic. It provides a modern twist on a solitaire engagement ring while remaining simple and stylish. Jewellery has long contained hidden meaning and messages and the three stones symbolise, love, friendship and fidelity. A trio of diamonds, whatever their shape and size, is ideal for classic brides who would like their ring to convey meaning as well as beauty. Create a lasting impression with a timeless and elegant three-stone engagement ring.

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Make a bold statement with an emerald cut for your diamond engagement ring that is the epitome of modern style. The elongated shape accentuates the stone, making the diamond appear bigger than other diamond shapes, while the vertical facets create a mirror-like effect for a more glamorous look. Experiment with differently cut diamonds, such as baguettes or trapezoids, to elegantly surround the central emerald-cut stone, showcasing its distinctive features and creating an engagement ring to cherish.

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Combine emerald and radiant-cut diamonds to achieve a striking and distinctive engagement ring that embraces both traditional and modern elements. The elegantly set diamonds beautifully complement each other while enabling light to bounce among the facets and sparkle.

This combination of two classic cuts creates an engagement ring that is both stylishly unique and timeless.

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The past year has seen a rise in the popularity of oval-cut diamond engagement rings, beautifully showcasing this very feminine gemstone which has an alluring silhouette. An oval-cut diamond gives the illusion of a larger-size stone while its exquisite signature bowtie adds multiple facets to reflect light and sparkle.

Highlight the beauty of an oval-cut diamond by elevating the stone in a high setting to allow light to filter through the diamond, enhancing its natural sparkle. A diamond-encrusted band is the finishing touch for an engagement ring that truly represents the beauty of love and commitment.

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The classic round-cut engagement ring style is stylishly timeless.  Whether a simple solitaire or a central gemstone with a diamond-set band, this ever-popular style has a permanent place on the engagement ring trend list.

At Fairfax & Roberts, we have modernised the traditional diamond-set band by designing a band with unique needle-point shoulders. This one-of-a-kind design tapers towards the central stone, accentuating the beauty of the primary gemstone. Diamonds graduate to a fine point along the band while gently sparkling as they reach the hero diamond. This is the ideal engagement ring for a woman who values beauty and simple sophistication.

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