Love Wins – Yes To Equality And Same-Sex Marriage

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Same-Sex Marriage Finally Legalised In Australia

Love is love and we are supporters of equality, but your engagement rings should be as unique as you, your partner and your relationship. At Fairfax & Roberts, we are passionate about working closely with same-sex couples to design and craft rings that are not only a symbol of their commitment but also a precious talisman for years to come. We are thrilled that same-sex marriage has finally been legalised in Australia and look forward to meeting with you to discuss your engagement ring and wedding band needs. To help you along your journey, we’ve answered some frequently asked question in this buyer’s guide to same-sex engagement rings and wedding rings.

Does an engagement ring have to include a diamond?

Absolutely not! Diamonds are a traditional choice but there are many options and you should choose a stone and setting that reflects your sense of style and your lifestyle. We have a wide variety of coloured stones available, a number of precious metals including rhodium-plated gold for a black ring and the actual design of the ring can be completely personalised when you work in conjunction with our award-winning designer.

If we do go with diamonds, are they ethically sourced?

All our diamonds are sourced from some of the world’s best wholesalers and we only deal with conflict-free diamonds. By purchasing your diamond engagement ring from Fairfax & Roberts you can be confident that you are buying an ethically sourced. All our diamonds have been certified by the GIA and are of the highest standard across a variety of price points. We are happy to help you learn more about diamonds including how they are graded and the qualities of specific cuts.

How long does it take to have a custom engagement ring made?

The time taken to design and craft a bespoke ring can vary depending on the design and the availability of the desired stones but we generally advise our couples that it will take about four weeks from their first meeting with the designer until the ring is ready for collection or delivery.

What does the process involve?

After an initial meeting with our designer, they will present you with sketches that can be modified until you’re completely happy with them. We will discuss stone selection with you (if applicable) and begin crafting the ring/s. Once it’s finished, the ring or rings will be presented to you in an exclusive Fairfax & Roberts box. Our commitment to you includes a complimentary annual ring cleaning and maintenance session in order to keep this precious piece in perfect condition.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon to discuss your engagement ring and wedding ring needs for your same-sex marriage. An exceptional piece of jewellery is truly a rare thing.

Same-Sex Marriage ring box

Choosing A Ring

Whether you choose to have matching engagement rings or prefer rings that represent each of your unique personalities, we welcome the opportunity to help celebrate your marriage with a ring that will last a lifetime. Talk to our award-winning designers about a bespoke engagement, wedding or commitment ring or come into our flagship Sydney store to view our extensive range of ready to wear jewellery. We have a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding jewellery to suit every taste and style.

Should only one of us wear an engagement ring?

We’re all about equality so we believe that anyone who would like to wear an engagement ring should do so. That might be one of you, both of you or neither of you. The choice really is yours and the same goes for wedding bands. If both of you decide to wear an engagement ring you might opt for matching rings or distinctly individual rings – it’s all about reflecting your personal style, there are no rules. Many of our LGBTI customers initially purchase one ring for a surprise engagement event and then return as a couple to select a second ring.

To celebrate equality and the legalisation of same-sex marriage and the universal truth that love is love, here are some of our favourite engagement, wedding and commitment rings. To see more visit our showroom at 19 Castlereagh St. Sydney.

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Our top picks for same-sex engagement rings

Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement RingYes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

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Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring


Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring Yes to Equality - Commitment Ring Engagement Ring

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