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yellow diamond

When it comes to diamonds, rarity equals value. For diamonds in the common range, colourless diamonds are the most desirable, with D grade diamonds being the clearest and highest-quality diamond type. All coloured diamonds are known as fancy diamonds and vary in rarity. Yellow fancy diamonds are one of the more common colours, with estimations being that 60 percent of fancy diamonds have yellow tones. However, with only 1 in 10,000 carats producing a fancy diamond, yellow diamonds are still incredibly unusual.  As not all fancy diamonds have the same depth of colour, the GIA system is used to determine the intensity of a stone’s saturation. The intensity scale for a yellow diamond list is, fancy light yellow, fancy yellow, fancy intense yellow, fancy dark yellow, fancy vivid yellow, fancy deep yellow. Most noteworthy, the further the diamond is along the scale, the more it is worth.

Round brilliant cuts can cause colour desaturation because they are best at reflecting white light, which also gives them their fire. In the case of yellow diamonds, a round cut may make the yellow colour appear fainter, whereas a fancy shape, which reflects less white light, will maximize colour saturation.


The yellow diamond expert tips

A way of intensifying the colour of a yellow diamond ring is through following Beckham’s cue, and having the diamond surrounded with gold. If you prefer the look of white gold or platinum, it is advisable to have the basket that holds the diamond, made out of yellow or rose gold. Once light shines through the yellow of the basket, the diamond can appear to be a grade higher on the intensity scale.


victoria beckhams yellow diamond ring


Victoria Beckham’s yellow diamond ring 

In 1998, David Beckham proposed to Victoria Adams with a marquise-cut diamond on a yellow gold band. Since then, she has owned numerous engagement rings, our favourite being a large fancy yellow, emerald-cut diamond, set on a triple band of yellow gold.


Our top 5 yellow diamond rings 
yellow diamond ring 1
A Gatsby Art Deco-inspired yellow diamond dress ring. Featuring a 4.66ct emerald cut fancy golden yellow diamond, framed by a halo of fine castle set, pink diamonds in a rose gold setting on a pierced gallery.



yellow diamond ring 2
A fancy intense yellow diamond dress ring. Featuring, a GIA certified 4.03ct cushion-cut fancy intense yellow diamond VVS2. An absolutely striking ring. Available in 18K white and yellow gold.



yellow diamond ring 3 art deco
Fancy yellow radiant cut diamond 1.36ct VS2, GIA certified. Handmade Platinum and 18K white gold



yellow diamond ring 5
A 5.00 ct fancy vivid yellow emerald cut diamond. Claw set in yellow gold and flanked by a trapezoid diamond on either side and mounted on a platinum shank.




Yellow diamond ring 4
An oval cut fancy intense yellow diamond. Set in a fine yellow gold bezel and floats inside a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds with a fine milgrain finish.



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