Top 10 Push Present Ideas

Push present gift ideas

Châtelaine designs from David Yurman


What is a push present?

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion for any couple and what better way to mark the start of this exciting new adventure than with a ‘push present’. This gift, traditionally from a husband to a wife, is a wonderful way to say thank you for creating a new life and for the shared parenting to come.


Celebrity push presents

While pregnant with their son, Saint, Kim Kardashian-West hinted that she’d love a present when he arrived. “I like the idea of a push present,” she wrote on her website. “After nine months of pregnancy, it’s a sweet and well-deserved thank you.” Kanye delivered and she received a glittering diamond choker.

Beyonce’s post-birth gift played homage to daughter Blue Ivy, with a blue ring. Consider coloured gems that reference mum’s favourite colour or eye colour.

Simple diamond studs like the ones Kourtney Kardashian received after the birth of her daughter Penelope are a classic gift that enhances everyday style – and stays out of the way of little fingers.

Push Present Gift Ideas2_diamond stud earrings sydney

Prince William commissioned a pair of elegant green tourmaline drop earrings for the Duchess of Cambridge to celebrate the birth of daughter Charlotte.

Push Present Gift Ideas3_Gemstone drop earrings


push present ideas

A cable bracelet by David Yurman is a powerful signifier of the strength of the family as its strands wind together to create a stunning piece that is more than the sum of its parts.

Push Present Gift Ideas4_David Yurman Cable Bracelet


New mothers need jewellery that’s not only beautiful but also practical and this Shamballa corded bracelet is the perfect fusion of style and function.

A push present could also add to an engagement and wedding ring combination – choose a style that complements her existing jewellery and perhaps have it engraved with your child’s name and birthdate.

Busy new mums have schedules to keep and a beautiful watch is a much more stylish way to do that than a smartphone. The back of a watch is also the perfect place to engrave a special message for her and was Jessica Alba’s push present of choice.

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Signet rings are becoming increasingly popular for women – this engraved piece is the perfect place for a family monogram or this David Yurman gem-encrusted Pinky Ring, available in a variety of hues, is a stylish way to add some luxury to the everyday.

Birthstones are also a beautiful starting point for a push present – used in either earrings, a bracelet or a ring. Choose a stone that matches the birth month of your new child, or a piece that combines birthstones of mum, dad and baby.


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Whatever gift you choose, know that it will be treasured forever as a beautiful reminder of your children.

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