The Jewellery Concierge by Fairfax & Roberts

Life is so much more pleasant when there’s someone available to smooth your path. Whether they secure a hard-to-get dinner reservation, organise an unforgettable anniversary moment or, like the Jewellery Concierge from Fairfax & Roberts, provide a seamless service to assist in selecting, purchasing and owning luxury jewellery. The word “concierge” originates from the Latin word meaning “to serve” and that’s exactly what we aim to do – provide a unique customer service that enables our clients to experience the world of luxury jewellery in an entirely new way. The Jewellery Concierge is available to every Fairfax & Roberts customer and will transform the way you experience the joy of owning beautifully stylish pieces.

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Convenience & Customer Service

How about complimentary short-term jewellery storage in the event of a holiday or house move or a complimentary quotation for insurance purposes?

We pride ourselves on offering a superlative level of customer service to our clients – many of whom have been purchasing jewellery from us for generations – and the Jewellery Concierge is our way of acknowledging the relationship between those who create fine jewellery and those who appreciate it. From private diamond masterclasses that enable you to expand your knowledge of these precious gems, to styling advice from fashionable experts and the opportunity to have us source rare gems and jewellery items, the Jewellery Concierge is your chance to engage deeply with Australia’s oldest established jeweller. This new service also offers short-term jewellery storage in the event of a holiday or house move, valuations on new jewellery for insurance or sale carried out by our trained experts and flexible payment options with 0% interest. Book A Jewellery Concierge Service

Enjoy these exclusive benefits from the Jewellery Concierge

To take advantage of everything the Jewellery Concierge has to offer, book a service online, visit our Sydney flagship store or contact us on 02 9232 8510 to discuss how we can best assist you with your fine jewellery needs. We look forward to being of service.

Our Complimentary Jewellery Concierge Services

  • We come to you for a private viewing
  • Short-term jewellery storage
  • Jewellery pick-up and delivery of purchases and repairs
  • Competitive jewellery insurance quotations
  • Insurance quotation for jewellery replacement purposes
  • Flexible payment options
  • 1h free pre-booked secure parking when visiting the showroom
  • Transfer to and from Sydney airport
  • Unlimited jewellery cleaning
  • One professional ring refurbishment per year
  • Jewellery styling advice
  • Security escort

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Our regular services

  • Full Ring Refurbishment. From $190
  • Restringing. From 160
  • Battery Replacement. From $95
  • Resizing. From $220
  • Reshanking. From $750
  • Remilgraining. From $420
  • Replacement Claws & Settings. From $700
  • Chain & Bracelet Repairs. From $180
  • Earring Post Replacement. From $195
  • Butterfly Clip Replacement. From $60
  • Replacement of Missing Stones. By Quote
  • Remodelling of Jewellery. By Quote
  • Engraving of Jewellery. By Quote

Book A Jewellery Concierge Service

Fairfax and roberts the Jewellery Concierge private viewing

The Jewellery Concierge Terms & Conditions

All services are subject to geographic location, availability and change. Fairfax & Roberts gives no warranty as to continuing availability of any service. Quotations are limited to Fairfax & Roberts jewellery only. Insurance quotations are made through a third party, and specific terms and conditions may apply. This service is open only to individuals who Fairfax & Roberts deem a customer and is not transferable. If a charge applies to any service, Fairfax & Roberts will notify the customer in advance. Fairfax & Roberts reserve the right to change, cancel or amend its Jewellery Concierge offering without notice.