Pierre DeRoche – Not All Watches Are Created Equal

Pierre DeRoche in Australia at Fairfax and Roberts
Not all watches are created equal

With stylish aesthetic and impressive craftsmanship, luxury watches are more than accessories – they are wearable pieces of art.

World-renowned Swiss watch brand, Pierre DeRoche boasts ground-breaking modular movements and a distinctive signature style as a highly coveted name amongst true watch connoisseurs.

Identifiable by the superior standards and proud victories in exploring previously uncharted territory – including choreographing fascinating ‘minute ballets’ in second hands ticking past – the Pierre DeRoche collection redefines the very notion of a timepiece.

“Watches are an emotional investment that speak volumes about the wearer,” says Georgina Brujic, CEO, Fairfax & Roberts.

“In our always-on digital age, wearing a luxury watch is about so much more than just telling the time – it is a potent expression of character and style.

“Pierre DeRoche speaks to watch aficionados who desire understated luxury and who want to make an unpredictable statement – safe in the knowledge their timepiece is made by passionate artisans.”

Pierre DeRoche was founded in 2004 by Pierre Dubois and his wife Carole. Pierre is a fourth-generation watchmaker who learnt his craft in his family atelier where they originally developed and produced horological complications for many of the most well-known Swiss brands.

Pierre DeRoche retails from $20,000 to $200,000. Aesthetically the range covers a broad spectrum – from delicate, gem-encrusted pieces to robust, military-inspired watches. Most of the models are from highly limited production runs. The collection will be available exclusively in Australia from Fairfax & Roberts, for a limited period.

Georgina Brujic continues: “Our customers desire bespoke luxury, not something they’ll see on the person sitting next to them at the next meeting.

“True luxury is often a whisper and not a shout. We enjoy sharing artisan style statements with our clientele who want to signal something to the world.

“The launch of Pierre DeRoche reflects our desire to disrupt the Australian luxury watch market and marks the first time these outstanding timepieces have been physically available locally.”

The foray into the watchmaking category marks a return to Fairfax & Roberts’ roots, with the fine jeweller first commencing trading in Australia as a watchmaker over 160 years ago.

Pierre Dubois co-founder of Pierre DeRoche comments: “We do not want to produce thousands of watches every year, we want our brand to be confidential and very hard to find.

“We believe there is huge potential for our brand in Australia, with a market who appreciates the ingenuity and effort gone into creating these masterpieces.

“We also enjoy working with partners who share our vision for a bespoke luxury business, committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality and design, as with Fairfax & Roberts.”

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