You probably weren’t thinking about jewellery maintenance the day you first wore that stunning new piece. Maybe it was your engagement ring, or a pair of earrings or a simple tennis bracelet. Whatever the item, we’re guessing it sparkled and shone – just like a new piece should. The truth is, no matter how well made a piece of jewellery is, it will start to degrade over time. Paying attention to jewellery maintenance will reward you with jewellery that looks as good as it did the first time you wore it.

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5 Top Maintenance & Care Tips

  • Don’t wear your rings to the gym. Sweat makes them dirty and they could get caught on gym equipment. And while you’re at the gym, don’t lift weights with your rings on. Swinging a kettlebell with your rings on will result in scratches and deformation of the band. You look fab in your activewear anyway.
  • While at home remove your rings prior to redesigning your home interiors or moving furniture. Heavy pressure can deform your jewellery and cause some serious damage. After all they are precious pieces, made with precious metals.
  • Take your jewellery off at night prior to going to bed as constant rubbing against your sheets over time causes damage to claws, delicate links and fine detailing.
  • Before you hit the ocean, or the pool, store your rings and bracelets safely. Pressure on your rings whilst getting in and out of pools can cause deformation, heavy abrasive marks and dents. Not only that, water can make them slip off more easily and some chlorine chemicals can tarnish the metal. You saw what it did to your hair as a child!
  • Clean your rings, bracelets or necklaces regularly at home with a soft toothbrush after a soak in warm water and a little dish soap. Dry gently on a tea-towel.

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Meet the Jewellery Concierge our Jewellery Maintenance Expert

Part of the Fairfax & Roberts commitment to customer service is the care we continue to show your jewellery long after you’ve bought it. Our complimentary Jewellery Concierge service is designed to enable you to look after your jewellery and keep it in perfect condition for you, and generations to come.

Jewellery that is worn daily (such as an engagement or wedding ring) is particularly susceptible to wear and tear. We offer a lifetime of complimentary jewellery cleaning to keep your gems sparkling. In addition, we recommend getting a jewellery maintenance check on everyday pieces every 1-2 years. Our in-house artisans will check the settings, clean the stones, polish the metal (even platinum can scratch and deform with heavy wear) and make any repairs necessary. This full refurbishment service is offered free to all our customers for one ring per year.

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