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04 November 2018

As part of the celebrations for the 160th year as Australia’s premium luxury jeweller Fairfax & Roberts is turning back time and embracing their history as watchmakers to Sydney’s elite. We have partnered with Swiss watchmakers Chronoswiss to offer their hand-crafted watches exclusively in Australia for the first time.

fine watches

We specialise in bespoke luxury,” says Fairfax & Roberts CEO Georgina Brujic, “and we know that our customers enjoying wearing something they’re not going to see on the person sitting opposite them in the next meeting they attend. We work with brands who focus on true connoisseurs - not just people who like watches. Chronoswiss may not be well known by the general population or have celebrity ambassadors, but amongst those who appreciate fine watches, they are considered very highly.”

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Chronoswiss history

Founded in Germany in 1983 by Gerd Rüdiger Lang, this family-owned company now headquartered in Lucerne prides itself on their commitment to traditional watchmaking skills and are one of the few companies to have specialised in mechanical movements following the quartz revolution. Chronoswiss was the first company to present a standard wristwatch with a regulator dial. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the company’s flagship Regulator model and they recently released the Flying Regulator Open Gear Anniversary Edition. From the beginning, it was Lang´s mission to manufacture watches according to the Swiss standards of watchmaking, and to use only components from Swiss suppliers. All watches are designed and made in-house at the company’s atelier in Lucerne and visitors are invited to tour the studio where they can watch master craftsman utilising age-old watchmaking skills to create these limited edition timepieces. 

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commitment to craft and customer

“This appreciation of traditional techniques is something we value highly,” says Brujic. “We have our own in-house studio where we design and create bespoke pieces using long-established skills, so working with a brand like Chronoswiss makes philosophical sense for us.” Chronoswiss timepieces retail between $8700 and $54,000 and the company prides itself on its dedication to quality for a select few. “We only want to work with brands who have a similar outlook on luxury as we do,” says Brujic, “a commitment to both craft and customer as well as an appreciation for heritage and a desire to innovate in the future.” To view our exclusive range of Chronoswiss watches visit the Fairfax & Roberts flagship showroom in Sydney.

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